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TThe real estate sector has traditionally relied on traditional marketing strategies — print advertising and face-to-face meetings. Our team, on the other hand, is increasingly leveraging social media to virtualize their homes and properties. In an era of social alienation, it has become a critical component.

Social media platforms such as Google, Facebook and Instagram, are growing to become the public sphere everyone goes to in order to search for a house or real estate property.

Users of different ages, backgrounds, genders, and educational and professional levels are drawn to social media. The capacity to connect, engage, market, and promote a home depending on characteristics such as geography, interests, and behavior of potential clients is what makes real estate social networking appealing to buyers and sellers.

Data-driven marketing allows the Maddox Collective team to connect with customers at the right time, but the benefits of using the data go beyond just improving communications.

Our marketing teams use social media to:
- Personalize the customer experience,
- Target well-defined marketing segments,
- With the data, our agents and customers can also measure and improve their strategies in real time.


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